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Due to the current economic climate a domestic burglar alarm is a necessity to all home owners who wish to protect their property, family and it’s valuables. Due to the ever presence of our advance alarms, you will deter a large percentage of burglars or other criminals from your residence. Our latest technology allows for the state of the art wired and wireless burglar systems these will further enhance your alert system and potential authorities if you wish with our wireless response system.

We can provide wired, hybrid and wireless systems. All of our alarms are both stand-alone and monitored and one of our team will come to your residence to take a out a no-obligation assessment.

Look below for the main packages we offer.

With the rising levels of concern these days regarding burglary, everyone should be reviewing their home security and taking steps to improve it if necessary. Few things are worse than the violation of your home, but a few basic precautions can make that dreadful possibility less likely.

One of the best ways to make a house more secure is by installing a burglar alarm system. This serves a twofold purpose; it acts as a deterrent, as a burglar is more likely to avoid hassle and pick on a non-alarmed house; and it draws the attention of the occupants and others to any unwanted entry.

A wide range of home security systems are available, depending on the level of security you require, from small, self-contained noise-making units to highly complex computer monitored systems incorporating closed circuit TV. surveillance.

The best way to decide on the level of security that’s right for you is to call in the experts to check out your property, advise you, and give you a quote. Don’t buy your system from a cold caller, always seek out a reputable, approved firm who can provide credentials and references from satisfied customers.

Should you decide to do the job yourself and have a basic level of D.I.Y. skills, there are kits available which don’t need to be connected to your home’s power supply, so there’s no wiring involved. These are quick and easy to install, but bear in mind that the responsibility for their proper functioning will be yours alone.

On the other hand a system installed by a professional security specialist will come with guarantees. You will know that it’s been done right and that as the system is fed from your home’s electricity supply, and has a backup battery, you don’t have to be concerned about the system becoming inoperative. Furthermore the specialist will probably offer a maintenance contract, so that the system can be inspected and maintained annually, and the contract may also offer free call-outs in emergencies. This will usually cost around fifty to a hundred pounds a year, but you may be able to claim something off the cost of your house insurance.

A fully wired system offers a security network in your home. This can incorporate magnetic door and window contacts which will be activated by unauthorised entry once the system is armed, various sensors, panic buttons, floodlights and noisemakers, all controlled from a central panel.

The sensors used in the home are generally passive infrared (PIR) which respond to body heat (and are available in pet friendly variants which will ignore small bodies), but there are also ultrasonic, microwave and photoelectric sensors, and detectors which can pick up the sound of glass breaking.

You can pay extra to have a system that is monitored by a receiving centre, or an automatic speech-dialler which leaves a recorded alert via one or more telephone numbers programmed into it.

The level of expense varies but it’s all paying for the same priceless end result; the ongoing security and protection of your family. That’s worth any cost.

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