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Professional and Reliable, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and an integral knowledge of keeping your property secure.

Electric Fencing

We supply and install the most advanced electric security technology available to all government buildings, industrial sites and large commercial clients such as the leading car manufacturers and supermarkets. 

These reliable electric security fences provide the same solutions as a paid guard monitoring your perimeter. Our security fencing team will install the highest level of technology available to ensure that your system protects your premises  As standard our systems introduce an electric pulse every 1.3 seconds, anyone in contact with your fence with endure an uncomfortable shock thus triggering your alarm system.

Add a punch to your security system.

We have developed our system to not continually raise the alarm everytime the fence is touched. Only when the fence is tampered or repeatedly touched will your alarm response system sound.  This ensures that your security entail will not have to continually respond to accidents, animals or bystanders.

Integration with Gates, CCTV & Lighting.

All of our manufactured electric gates can be protected because they are sliding or powered. Our electric fencing integrates with our automated gates, so your reponse alarm will trigger a complete lock down including gates, lighting and CCTV systems.

Cost efficient and recommended.

Once our reliable fencing is installed they become highly efficient for the solution they provide. Our System only consumes on average 40 watts when fully armed, approximately the same as a domestic bulb. Many insurers require that you have electric fencing in place especially when your protecting a high value property or large amounts of land.

Ideal solution for any large commercial plot.

Our intelligent system is very adaptable to your requirements, we regularly use it across a wide range of properties, including government buildings, public stations, water stations and many major brands. The system works well with standard mesh, new or existing electric gates and a wide range of security equipment.

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